State Examination in English – Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University, Bratislava

Certificate of Proficiency in English – Cambridge University

Professional Translator Examination in English – Faculty of Philosophy, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University, Košice

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All types of corporate documents, contracts, business terms and conditions, commercial correspondence …


Civil engineering, various types of project documentation, informatization, mechanical engineering ...


Accounting, banking, insurance, investment services …


Supporting documents and other documentation for court and arbitration proceedings, lawsuits, petitions, appeals, judgments, resolutions ...

Certified translations for natural persons
Certified translations for natural persons

Birth, marriage, and death certificates, extracts from the Register of Criminal Records, certificates, diplomas, report cards, and confirmations of all kinds for official purposes both in Slovakia and abroad ...

Certified translations for legal entities
Certified translations for legal entities

Extracts from the Commercial Register and Trade Register, articles of association, bylaws, and all other documents for official purposes both in Slovakia and abroad ...

An advantage for you

CAT tools (Computer-Assisted Translation Tools)


I work with Wordfast – one of the programs assisting human translators with the translation process by helping them maintaining consistency in translation and terminology. In addition, in more extensive projects, this tool saves time and money for the client.

Wordfast is not a translating tool like Google, it rather allows creation of a separate translation memory for each translation project, in which the individual translated segments – whole sentences or parts of them – are saved.

The way it works is that the programme searches the saved translation memory for known matches; i.e., if the segment was translated before, the software will insert that translation directly into the text.

Thus, it is possible to work on re-edited or very similar texts without having to translate the text again, preserving everything that the client has already accepted and approved – terminology, and entire passages – therefore saving time and preventing double charging.

In addition, these tools can analyse the text at the beginning of the translation process to determine whether there are any repeated sections which would determine how much less you would be charged.

I have also worked with other CAT tools such as Memsource, MemQ, or Transit.




The price calculation is based on so-called “NS - NORM PAGE“ (standard page), which is defined as 1,800 characters including spaces or as 250 words of the source text.

I shall quote you the final price and text return in advance, and this quote will be based on the scope of translation and analysis of the text (see the CAT tools section).

Certified or sworn translation prices are set by the Decree No 491/2004 of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic.

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